Purchasing custom cabinetry is very different than purchasing pre-manufactured cabinets from a home center or design center. With custom cabinetry your options are infinite and for the most part limited only by your imagination. Going from a blank sheet of paper to a finished product in the custom cabinet world can be a complicated process, but it’s one that should be enjoyable to everyone involved. With a little extra planning and a lot of communication between all the parties involved, we can accomplish this goal. Let’s take a few minutes to define the process to let you know what we will need from you, what you can expect from us, and when all these things need to take place.

Initial Contact/Design Consultation

The first step is to have a meeting or conversation with you in order to gather enough information to be able to provide an estimated project cost. During this meeting we will discuss your ideas of what you would like your cabinetry to look like and what features you would like to incorporate into the design. It would be effective to provide the following:

  • Blueprints or sketches, if available
  • Appliance specifications, if applicable or available at this time
  • List of features you would like included in your cabinetry
  • Photos of existing cabinets if we are to match them
  • Ideas from magazines
  • Anything that would help us understand what you want your cabinetry to look like

Next, a site visit is set up to gather rough dimensions for a complementary preliminary design. Lastly, a schedule and budget are discussed so your time is well spent and the project is within your budget.


Shaw Woodworking, Inc. provides free estimates and are more than happy to provide several alternate pricing scenarios, so please don’t hesitate to ask. Once we provide the proposal with the price, unless the scope of work changes the price will remain as quoted. No surprises, no hidden fees, everything is upfront. Any changes will be documented and approved by you before proceeding.

Customer Review

Once we have received the signed proposal and check for deposit we’ll schedule a site visit for final field dimensions. From these dimensions we will generate a complete set of detailed shop drawings. Prior to manufacturing, these drawings will need to be reviewed and signed off on. This is a critical step because the cabinets are built from these drawings.


The manufacturing philosophy of Shaw Woodworking, Inc. is that we only use the highest quality materials, finishes, and components to manufacture our cabinetry.  We subscribe to a lean manufacturing philosophy. What that means is we are constantly looking for ways to remove waste from every phase of the production and business process. We are constantly evaluating what we do and how we do it. This mind set is obvious when you visit our shop, you will see a neat, clean and well organized facility. We take pride in what we do and it shows in our product, our processes and our facility.

Delivery and Installation

During the manufacturing process we will set up preliminary delivery and installation schedules. As we get closer to the actual delivery we will finalize these dates. Our installation technicians install your cabinetry with the same skill and care that we created your cabinetry with. Our installers are neat, professional and respectful of your home.

We hope that the process has been explained in a clear and thorough manner, but if not then please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.